An open discussion on Non-interactive transactions

Slatepacks provide already a synchronous transport method via tor and a asynchronous transport method via copy and paste. I would like to have chat messages included as an optional feature in grin wallets / slatepacks. Direct chat messages between grin addresses (wallets) for informal talk about payment conditions would be a nice feature. I would like it more to integrate this into the existing slatepack protocol and wallets, than to include slatepacks into existing messaging protocols like matrix and xmmp or applications like keybase. Also for an interactive grin transaction it would be very nice to have the ability to optional include a text description, what the payment is about, in the final paymentproof.

Tightly coupling wallets to a specific messaging protocol increases size of codebase, increases things that can break, decreases decentralization and freedom. But it could be a faster solution…

Leaving it agnostic in terms of which messaging protocol it uses would probably remain the best option in terms of freedom.

In any case, there are some threads about this