AMD Miners - are they being built?

there is a workaround to get the miner working on your own linux, but the GPS figures on 4gb cards for c29 are rather low (around 0.7gps). you can also mine c31 with the lean miner from grin-miner what could be more profitable at this moment, at least according to

Are any of the miners currently supporting the AMD Radeon Pro Duo with 32 GB ?

curious about this as well

Hey babaji, I found this link helpful when I tuned my Vega 64.

I undervolted mine a lot and it helped tons with the temps. I didn’t have to change my core or mem clocks either. My Vega 64 gets 3.45 Gps and doesn’t get over 60 Celsius at 58% fan speed.

Thanks for the link, it seems to be running better now. Not sure what caused it to get back in line, i have changed too many things to count, MB, drivers, PSU, and updated mining software… Anyways, i won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

BTW, i am having much better luck with this card mining grin than i ever did with monero… This card was a big disappointment for linux monero miners we could only get about 60% of the hasrate a properly configured windows setup. I am getting about 2.9gps running c29.

Have you tried to mine C31 with your vega 64 using the ocl_cuckatoo plugin? It crashes on me, funny though, i can get it to work with my adf 560’s and 570’s.

Hey @Behemoth, I’m running a Vega 64 rig on Linux but I don’t have any experience with undervolting on Linux. My Vegas are running at the same speed as yours, 3.45, but temperature goes 70-71 at 70% fan speed. Do you know any kind of tutorial or guide so I can try undervolting on Linux? What values are you in for the Vega?

vega/polaris overclock/undervolt guide

@babaji Yeah I have to say I have been super happy with my Vega 64. It plays my games in 4k very well and never crashes or looses frames. Haha it mines pretty well too.

No I haven’t tried using the ocl_cuckatoo plugin. Honestly I’m not too experienced with mining. I mined some Litecoin way back in the day and haven’t really been into mining again till Grin. Is that plugin for the Grin Gold Miner?

@thenextdinosaur I’m just using Wattman that is provided with the AMD drivers. Here is a picture of my settings on a custom profile I saved. I’m running stock clocks as well. I assume the AMD drivers for Linux have the Wattman as well? Maybe I’m wrong.

Also note that at least my experience with the Vegas is that it is very sensitive to room temperature. As you can see in the picture mine is currently at 65 Celsius. That’s cause at end of day the sun shines through the windows warming up my room. I could adjust the fan speeds but I’m happy with 65 being the high. Also poping a window open helps with some cool air.

my msi air boost vega 56s are also cooler and consuming less power than CNv2.