Alternative to the unlimited emissions

Why didn’t the project set a percentage fee for transfers to motivate miners? For example 0.05% per transfer. Choosing between high inflation for decades and a 0.05% сommission, I’m sure most would choose the latter.

The emission schedule is a feature, not a bug or trade-off.

Furthermore, transaction values are hidden. There are only two types of transactions; valid ones and invalid ones. Valid ones end up on the blockchain and are indistinguishable from one another. The simplicity of Grin is beautiful.


You probably don’t understand me. The project is good, inflation is bad.

You probably don’t understand me. Inflation is good.


Do you often visit our planet? :slight_smile:

Quite often, in fact. Although in recent times I no longer find myself intellectually imprisoned by the Mises institute.


Inflation is a economy’s nature.