A Joyful Currency

This discussion also occured in the past, just as reference to those new to the forum:

In the end I think the logo for the currency is similar to the Grin “mission statement”, there is room for variation. A beautifull plentitude of logo’s exist and are used in the Grin ecosystem. Take for example the Grin++ logo which is also a variation of the ‘official’ logo. Also Grin++ uses your logo in showing the Grin balance in your wallet.
The curren logo can sometimes appear omnious, but at the same time it is also mysterious, a wink, intruiging and happy. Actually the Grin logo was one of the reasons I started reading about the project, since the logo is so fascinatingly different. Therefore, I do not think there is a need to change it, but there is space to enjoy a multitude of variations of logo’s, missions statements and interpretatins of what Grin is all about. In the end it differs per individual for what reason we love Grin. See the original post and all the beautifull flavors of Grin logo’s here:

The coin logo looks prity good. Maybe nice to produce some Grin coins that people can order online subsidising the Grin fund? It could be both this logo as well as the official one.