1000000 blocks born !

On December 13, 2020, 2 hrs 16 mins ago was posted to commemorate the birth of the 1000000 block of grin with difficulty of 1731110435459464

Long live grin! :grinning:


Lets plan a celebration for next interesting block-number :smiley: :star_struck:


From the birth of GRIN’s first block 697 days ago to the birth of the 1000000 block today.

A day to celebrate!

Long live grin!

If I knew I would have convinced someone to make me a Pizza bought purely with Grin to celebrate.
Now I will reserve it for the next celebration

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I don’t know how to buy a pizza for you at where you at. But if you are in the Netherlands and you pay me Grin I will buy a pizza for you. Wherever you want it.

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Well, that would be to easy :wink:. I think I will convince a pizza baker in Arnhem (Bitcoin city of NL) to bake it for me. In that way it is nicer since it takes convincing someone to accept Grin directly as payment which validates Grin as proper cash.


Haha that is cool. I hope this will be the beginning of Grin Pizza Day.


I will post some picks here once I did it so we can all celebrate yearley Grin pizza day😁


Grin launched in mid crypto winter a cold day January.Original implementation of MW.Since pizza is Bitcoins, i can buy you all ''Grin TEA ''to warm your soul and body in bleak midwinter ⫍(ᵐ‿ʷ)⫎