When will tor integration happen - btc like addresses

When this happens I will invest, right now grin has poor usability.

Grinbox (available in several wallets) already offers address-based transactions. The big step forward, in my opinion, would be to get major exchanges to support it.

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Not sure about tor but i2p is being integrated https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin/pull/2932

Also tor support coming

I guess it’s up to exchanges and users which kind of addresses will be more popular then. Probably the one which will work out of the box.

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i2p was chosen hastily, and turned out to be the wrong tool for the job. So for the wallet, there will not be any i2p integration, just Tor. re:when available - Looks like it will be available in 3.0.0


I didn’t follow closely enough, what was wrong with I2P? Or where do I read?

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It’s not the best tool for short-lived connections, so it might work fine for nodes, but not for wallets. PR 24 in grin-rfcs repo has a little bit of the discussion. Most took place in the #tx-building channel under the grincoin.teams.wallet-dev team on Keybase