What is Grin - a series of posts trying to explain the idea

I’m trying to make a series of short posts that present the idea of Mimblewimble and Grin in a way that does not require deep technical knowledge. For now I have 3 simple posts that talk about:

  1. Mimblewimble and Grin - an attempt to explain the grand idea without requiring the knowledge of the underlying cryptographic primitives used
  2. Interactive transaction building process
  3. Grin’s emission model

It’s currently uploaded on github as github pages and I might add some more content in the future. Let me know which parts are unclear, especially in the first post that tries to explain how it all works.


Very nicely done!

P.S. I recommend a darker theme. The bright white hurts my old people eyes. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Sorry about that, I’ve tried some themes now and I saw my exported images don’t have a transparent background so I’ve decided to take some middleground for now since it looks weird on dark themes because of the white background.

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Much easier to read now, thanks!

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