Web 3.0: DNS Servers Replaced by Blockchain

Just a thought for discussion:

What if DNS servers could be made obsolete with the implementation of a distributed blockchain solution instead.

Any thoughts on the viability of such an idea?

Imagine not needing to pay some centralized entity to redirect internet traffic to your human readable website address. What if the DNS entries already existed on everyone’s computers via a decentralized ‘DNS blockchain’ that future internet browsers could interrogate for routing details?

I reckon this could be a game changer.


It’s like first fork of bitcoin or something. Dunno why nobody cares. Zeronet however uses namecoin for it’s domains.

Ethereum also has some of its own implementation I think.

It always surprised me name-coin was not a success. I guess one of the problems was spam, it became just to cheap to buy/squat domain names. The idea itself still appeals to me, maybe the time was not there yet. Maybe it first requires more adoption of cryptocurrencies by the masses before a a truly decentralized alternative to DNS would get sufficient mass adoption for it to work .


The question that may come to mind is if Blockchain may be used as a replacement for the DNS (Domain Name System). Before we begin, you should be aware that the DNS system has been in use since 1980. It still has a domain name or URL, such as that serves as its primary role. Its purpose is also linked to metadata such as IP addresses and the Sender Policy Framework.

Blockchain is a recent development in the world of DNS-related technology.

True, DNS built on Blockchain inherits the benefits of decentralisation. Blockchain-based DNS does not have any authorities, unlike the current DNS system, which is administered and controlled by organisations. Every server node is the same. Changes to the present records can only be made by the owners. Any adjustments to the domain name records are tough for the authorities to make. The present DNS system is vulnerable to hacking and attachment, whereas Blockchain-based DNS is not.

I think Grinternet idea by @joltz should be mentioned here: GRINTERNET.txt – Keybase.pub

I also really like this idea.
It is not new, think NameCoin, also Ethereum Names>

This reads like it would to be much more than just a DNS system, like privacy routing at VPN speeds, that does sound rather enticing to me. Not sure why it was not tested yet, other priorities or since it is hard to get a good proof of burn transactions.

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