Using feather forking to promote privacy?

For the unaware feather forking is an censorship attack that is under 50% mining for low fee transactions, the base theory suggests for every % of hashrate you have for the attack the censoree must pay that %^2 of the block reward. It’s more complicated than that as miners are not perfectly greedy and will not update their software based on a statement instantly but nonetheless it should be looked into.

Anyway, given that there will likely be a 2nd layer privacy super transaction of some sort couldn’t we just setup that system to generate a single super transaction per block and have feather forking censor blocks that don’t include it by default in the basic miner.

So long as a nation state doesn’t try to launch a feather forking attack of its own, it should not have drastic effects of the economy so the software to be neutral would likely be unwritten or at least not run, and without neutral parties if the censor-fork and the privacy-fork are fighting head to head; the super majority gets all the block reward, if the default is the privacy-fork it should be winning by a landslide.