Transactions in the clear

Just started using Grin, and since it’s a little different than other cryptocurrencies, I had a question.

When you send and receive grin, one way is through emailing files of the transaction. Because it’s done over email, I assume that it’s ok if the transaction is send in the clear. Not only would people not be able to make use of it, but they can’t tell how much the transaction is. Is that correct?


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Define “clear”

man in the middle attacks could be a thing, you always need security nothing could be magic enough that plain text isn’t a risk; your not taking extra risks over btc as far as I’m aware, but btc isn’t safe over the “clear”

If there is nothing stopping an attacker taking your first response, and quickly generating thier own file to send back to you, it would be the same as if you got a attackers btc address, that Bitcoin addresses tend to be delivered over https is a security feature.

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