Should the CC donate to Grinvention -

:+1: I might use this library.

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Supporting development of useful Grin tools is money well spent…


Ditto. Support grinventions

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This is the main thing for me. Rust code is really quite difficult to read.

I don’t think it will attract a bunch of people over night, but for posterity’s sake, it’s a good idea.

Hard to say.

I have to think that the lack of 3rd party development is at least partially because it requires the developer to remove things from the rust code to just keep the functionality that they need. In order to remove things, they need to understand the whole codebase. In order to understand the codebase, they need to be very familiar with Rust.

And keep in mind that one of the goals of the python code is to be a lot more piecemeal so you can take or leave what you want from it.

Either way, I thought this was more like a retroactive “thank you” than paying a salary. They made it clear that they don’t want to be beholden to any deliverables, right?

After some time of consideration and personal thoughts on this I do agree with the requested amount
of 10k for grinvention.

It took some time for myself to think about it and not just plainly agreeing with everyone else.
This showed we as Grin-CC do not have an extended evaluation process for these kind of requests. We do have a docs/ at main · grincc/docs · GitHub Spending-Guidelines which we follow.

Just wanted to mentioned this, as I did take a bit of time to make my final decision.


This funding request has been approved :tada: .

As we move forward with this donation of 10k euro to Grinvention, I think it would be good to list features we would like to see in Mimblewimble-py. Note that these are just requests and not an requirement for funding. When you as community member would like to see a certain function being added to mimblewimble-py, please list your request here in this thread.
Below is a list of feature’s based on my own and @renzokuken input that I think would be highly beneficial to have:

  • Although everything in mimblewimble-py is important, I think adding all wallet related functionalities now would be most important
  • Slatepacks
  • Some example code for interaction between grin-wallet/grin++ and wallets
  • Support for BIP39 password protected seeds
  • Support for custom word lists (only as an opt-in since this is risky for beginners).
  • Persistence of state (database models to build wallets) and RSR tx building flow.
  • Not sure if it is there, but if not, support for testnet wallets
  • Transaction, generating QR-code for airgapped mimblewimble-, possibly on micropython, see bounty proposal HW.
  • Whatever else @renzokuken thinks is important to prioritize, I trust his judgement

@Neo What are your thoughts, anything you would like to see for grin pixels?

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I want Grin to have basic features for the holders.
Bip39 passphrase
Hardware airgapped device. There is embit bitcoin micropython library for this, would be great if grinvention can be evolved/forked to create something similar.

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MultiSig is not easily to implement for now since we would have to taken into account the order of signing, although we did start discussing it, it is possible:

Good suggestions. Mimblewimble-py would indeed be useful when building a Grin HW using micro-python, see this proposed bounty:

@renzokuken Perhaps add code in mimblewimble-py or just an example for reading and generating QR codes, then mimblewimble-py can be used while being air-gaped. That would be awesome, IMO!

I will add it to the wishlist above.

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Thank you for share with us.

You’re the man @renzokuken all the best as always

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Thank you all for all the words of support. Thank you also for supporting the donation and to those who did not support it, I also thank for being protective of the funds and critical, these are important qualities and I respect that.

I just created a wishlist tag in the main repo, feel free to create issues and tag them.