Security audit funding campaign

The time has finally come where Grin is almost ready to undergo a code security audit, before a mainnet release. Unfortunately professional audits are expensive, so once again we need your help for funding:

If you’re planning on doing anything with Grin, whether it’s transacting, investing, mining, or developing on top of it, think of it as buying an insurance.


Samsung has just announced grants for decentralized technology development between $25k and $75k, I see no reason why a cause like this would not be eligible.

Great idea, I just submitted an application. Fingers crossed.


Hmmm isn’t it unlikely to work?

Security audits may be important, but its not flashy

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buying an insurance…?

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This is perfect. Grin is a shoo-in for this grant. Igno is a great writer whose English is correct @Cristian and if I had to guess, British.

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Really want to be one of the early investers.
To promote the progress of this project.:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi, are the devs gonna change the target amount because of the recent bitcoin price decrease ?

The security audit campaign is now about half-funded. To move forward, we decided to close the campaign at the end of the month (Nov 30th) and try to do with a reduced scope. A more complete audit is still highly desirable and reducing the scope could leave some large security holes. Not to mention that the amount could be too small to attract an auditing firm. So please if you can do anything, do it soon.

I would also like to thank all the people and organizations that have donated for the audit, your help is highly appreciated.


Hi, What is the status of the Security Audit? Do you need any support?

Hi Igno. What is the status of the audit, is it already ongoing?

It is ongoing one crypto library was successfully audited and I believe some rust crates? It was also fully funded and should continue more in depth in the future.

Can’t find link to the summary now on mobile…

Currently grin is running a new fund raising campaign to pay our one paid dev to feed his family, you can find it in announcements section, every little bit helps.

latest governance meeting:


Hey boss,
I dont know who the correct person to contact is but I would love to speak to someone in regards to a possible partnership. Private funding etc… if you or someone could please e-mail me at I would greatly appreciate it and I look forward to speaking