Run everything in the backgound

Hi everyone,

I am trying to put in place my first Grin node and miner on a cloud machine, however I ran into the issue that it seem Grin does not run in the background. There is no option in the command and appending & to the command doesn’t seem to work on a long run. I also tried to disable tui in the toml file, didn’t work.

Is there a tutorial to put in place a node full in background?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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What about using tmux to create a background session and run it in there?


Shame on me, I didn’t know about it. That might actually save my life.

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another approach would be to write a systemd script which auto starts your GRIN-Node.

As we are developing the GRIN-PI we already have a systemd script which you could adapt to your needs.


Thanks guys.

Used tmux, works great, I managed to setup everything. However I still have 2 questions on the logs from my grin node. I’ve got a grin-miner instance running and it’s succesfully connected to my node. However I see errors in the logs that I do not understand. Does anyone knows what they mean?

handle_payload: BanReason BanReason { ban_reason: FraudHeight }


Failed to validate share at height [.....] Verification Error: no cuckaroo past HardFork4 }

That means you’re mining the now obsolete cuckaroo29* PoW.

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I think grin-miner was a proof of concept, so it shouldn’t be used as a miner. Go through the mining topics here on the forum, i think there’s one for nvidia and one for amd

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Thanks guys. I will have a look.

Looks like there is no CPU miner avaible. Tried both lolminer and bminer just in case, but they are expecting a CUDA device. If anyone comes by and knows a CPU miner, I’m interested :grin: