Request for Funding - Node & Wallet Core Development | Deev | July-September

Funding Request to work mainly on node & wallet core code for the next 2 months once accepted.

Rate: €6,000/month
Working time: +30-35 hours/week
Funding Request: €12,000

What do I want to achieve in these next 2 months?

(My priorities but not limited, if there’s something that you would like to see and the community agreed on this that’s a necessity, just submit it on the thread. Possibly missing quite some more important features or bugs. Just let me now!)

Who am I?
I’m a software developer and been following Grin since mi-2019 and started submitting PRs at the end 2020 mostly during my holidays or free time:

The time spent on those PRs and following community discussions gave me good experience and knowledge of the core code and the tech globally. Always liked to help community members through their problems endured until it’s resolved.

Note, this funding request does not mean that it will become a mandatory funding on my side to work on grin code in the future. So far, it always been voluntary and motivated by the pleasure to interact with the community and play with the tech behind it.


This is a no-brainer :muscle:


Give him the money! :smiley: I’m not sure if memo has been defined in a rfc yet (i know tromp mentioned it in the early payment proofs rfc), so maybe we should first decide how we want memo to actually work (for example I’m still unsure whether it’s good to limit it to 32 bytes or not)


Im am all for highering @deev👍. These are issues that when solved make grin much more reliable to build on by exchanges and ecosystem developers. Unifying the memo/payment proof system, would be a great step forward. Should we think also if we can use these as memos for proving signing in MultiSig or for creating a multisig, or is it to early for that.
Not sure if we need memos for that but better to think ahaed.


Was happy to see this based on deeev’s earlier PRs. We’ve worked out an arrangement and deev will be joining us on the core team over the next couple of months.

We all look forward to working with him!


We can discuss and hopefully approve this funding request in the next CC meeting of 19th November, unless the OC prefers using their funds. Either way we can discuss it in the next CC meeting.

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@Anynomous read that :point_up: