Request for funding @mwgrin_fr


I’m known as mwgrin_fr on twitter, and for more than a year, I’ve been trying to animate the community by sharing news and updates about grin. at the beginning, the account was designed to be in french, but I quickly changed my mind and tried to be a little bit more international despite my average english. it’s a little bit my way to contribute to the project

I also try to help on the grin ++ project by sharing ideas with David T and by debugging the beta versions. I also participated to the last bugbash where I finished first.

my idea is to set up a youtube channel with video tutorials of how to use the wallet CLI beside other apps like grin ++ and supported exchanges like tradeogre.

I plan to make around 20 videos with a nice thumbnail + intro & outro. This kind of videos can help newcomers to better understand the project better and push them to test and report bugs.

I am requesting 1250 grin paid when videos are approved and published on youtube. i will also make sure to share the original files.

I am open to suggestions on funding amount ツ


It’s a pleasure to see you invest, if the quality of the videos is good you have my support. It would be necessary to adapt the financing. It would be interesting to publish the videos on the official GRIN Youtube channel.


Thank you @Arka . i’am planning to make a clean video srceenshots with split screen when there is a sender and a receiver as an example. i learned a lot from the previous bugbash, and i know that a lot of people are anxious about using the CLI wallet. i really like the GUI wallets and i want also to promote the CLI wallet where we can find a bunch of other options a lot of people are not aware of. we can also, as a community , setup a list of commands we would like to see in action on videos.

last time i did the video tutorial of tradeogre (not much) and i saw that it was helpful for a lot of people.


@Mokhtar I support the idea. But I think for your funding request it would be best to wait a bit till we have the formal community council instated. This is a bit similar to @davidtavarez request for funding of one time use addresses. That request as well as this one are very well fitting with the objectives and thinking of the new ‘Community Council’ and the funding they will get allocated. So best to just press pause for a 2-4 weeks until they can endorse your idea when you put in a formal funding request during a Governance meeting.
To strengthen your request I would propose to make 1 video in the style that you want to showcase what you have in mind. Nothing speaks as loud as action. Also this would be a great way to receive feedback which you can use to tweak the video format you are using.
Maybe also interesting to discuss it with other who want to make community video’s although it is also fine if you fly solo.


i’ll try to work on a video to show an example. thanks for your feedback @Anynomous


as explained videos will be instructions to follow in order to properly use CLI wallet for those who wants to play around or use it. here is a quick example

we can come up all together with some scenarios we’d like to have on video and add them later to our official CLI handbook

Scenarios :

  • Create and backup a wallet
  • Restore a wallet
  • Create multiple slatepack address under same wallet
  • Send/receive/finalize using slatepack message
  • Finalize tx without posting
  • List and cancel a transaction
  • Send/receive/finalize using late lock mode
  • Send/receive/finalize using time lock
  • Send/receive/finalize from CLI to grin ++
  • Receive using the listen command
  • Deposit/withdrawal fom CLI to tradeogre
  • Invoice/pay flow
  • Export and verify payment proof

It sounds like a lot! but I think we really need this kind of stuff.

@Mokhtar is really passionate about Grin! always trying to contribute in many ways like in engaging trough social media, but reporting bugs like a pro QA, sharing suggestions and trying to spread the word about Grin.

I’m happy to see someone stepping forward to create content. I believe we need this.


@Mokhtar I think a good set of videos like the one you show will indeed very much help the grin ecosystem.
It is a pity though that there are slight variation between the wallet and node commands on Windows | Linux | iOS, this somehow needs to be covered.
I think the payment you are asking is reasonable. Important is that all video’s will be properly combined and linked so user can easily browse between them and find what they need.
For now, lets wait for the community council, it looks like it will be John Davies and Neo will join the council. I think they are open for ideas like a series of video tutorials.

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Could you add audio to that, with further explanation of what’s happening?


I recommend zooming into the terminal a bit more to get a better view and if possible add some audio explanation if you can.



Why don’t you do it for free?

It smells bad… We are marking time and with greedy eyes we look at the fund.

Request for funding. Pay me for forum posts. I have contributed to the community.

The request is for payment when the videos are approved, so not upfront and only for a small amount. So there is no malicious intend in this request.
But on the other hand, @dog also started making some nice video’s for free, so the need for those videos has become less right now:

I just wanted to point out that we should not assume bad intentions for other community members so easily, we are all here to help move Grin forward.

Thanks for contributing on the forum though @insider, it is appreciated!


@dog started making the same videos so i guess my funding request is no longer relevant. Regarding accusation, i will not respond to it … thanks @Anynomous

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Yes and no. It always good to have multiple explanations both written and in videos.
Soon the Community Council will come with something else like best grin video(s) challenge with multiple prices, so many can participate.
Stay tuned.

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