Quisquis - A New Design for Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

We present Quisquis, a standalone anonymous cryptocurrency that resolves the limitations outlined above for existing solutions. In particular, users are able to form transactions on their own, so do not need to wait for other interested users and incur the asso ciated latency. They can also involve the keys of other users without their p ermission, which gives the same degree of plausible deniability as Monero. Finally, each transaction acts to replace all the input public keys in the UTXO set with all the output public keys, thus allowing the UTXO set to behave in the same manner as in Bitcoin. Furthermore, our transactions are relatively inexp ensive to compute and verify, taking around 471ms to compute and 71ms to verify for an anonymity set of size 16, with proofs of size approximately 13kB.



Will we abandon Grin?

Where did you find this?

Talk about Quisquis at SBC 19.

I hate being on the cutting edge to the point I must read Latin soup

First take: verifier seems high cost I’d want up to date numbers from every project and let their project mature but per transaction 71ms eh. The comparison chart that has zcashes big prover cost seems dishonest to include, surely thats not important to optimize for compared to size and verification. 3 magnitudes on a stupid metric doesn’t outway 2 on important ones.

If the parts of the chain can’t be deleted that still leaves room for mw but narrows the LN niche I’m imagining.

Someone who reads latin soup, how smart contract friendly is it?

also insert a voluntary security that costs money rant