Pep Talk for one sided transactions

Grin provides by far the most horrible user-experience you can get in crypto.
Last year in April 2019 i bought Grin on Poloniex. Since only http-transfers were supported by the exchange i was forced to utilize this method to get them off the exchange. I took me literally a week (!!!) to get things going (see here). I even had to call my ISP to ask them to enable IP4-adresses for our household (they had already switched to IP6) so i could use port forwarding. I never would have thought that i had to have to call my Internet Provider to get a crypto-wallet going, but there we had it, the rough start of the best bitcoin-challenger, i can take it, no problem. At the time i thought it may have been a rough start but in the end i learned A LOT about IP4, IP6, Ports, Port-Forwarding in general, local IPs, External IPs etc. Having the Grin in my wallet was also rewarding.
A year later when i think about it, i ask myself: How did i not see this as a warning?

I buy different crypto on a regular basis. Usually i buy them on Kraken and transfer them onto my corresponding wallets. Some clicks and its done. Buying Grin is always a bit different. Here i had to transfer BTC to Poloniex, Buy Grin, initiate the transfer to my Grin-Wallet, see the transfer fail for some odd reason nobody knows why (see here), contact the Support, wait until they restore the Grin, which takes usually some days, try again and with some luck i got the Grin into my Wallet. Annoying, but as a believer i just took it as it is.
Buying stuff with Grin - horrible. But after some support from the forum (thanks again) and CLI-magic it worked.

Because Poloniex delisted Grin (at least for GRIN/BTC Pair) i moved to Bittrex. Here i had to learn that their Grin-Wallet is in Maintenence Mode since 7th June (!!!). So no Grin here. I opened an account at Bitforex that was suggested to me as an alternative here in the forum (see here).
I bought some Grin. I withdrawed it to my Grin+±Wallet, which indicated by a green font, that it is connected and up and running, - and It failed. Great, another evening of joy writing a support ticket. In the meantime, several hours after the failed transaction, my Grin+±Wallet changed suddenly from green to orange.

I guess even if they would now try to transfer the amount to my Grin+±Wallet it would fail. My internet-connection works perfectly btw.

This is the tipping point for me. I will leave the Grin on the Exchange and don’t touch it.
From today i consider Grin as broken. You can tell me all day long that it is perfectly fine and working. I can tell you from first hand experience: It works BARELY, if at all.

If you don’t find a way to get the one-sided transactions flying i can guarantee you that this project will be seen as some curiosity in the future. If i’m wrong with my prognosis im fine with it, Grin aims for the right goals so it would be nice to see it succeeding, but i lack the imagination to see this project going anywhere with the glaring issues i am experiencing for over a year now.