MultiSwap - Easy GRIN/BTC Swaps

GRIN - BTC available now!
UPDATE: BTC - GRIN available now!

MultiSwap is a new instant cryptocurrency exchange that prizes crypto security and privacy above all else. We strive to be the best exchange for altcoin swaps by offering real-time market rates and fast transaction speeds.

Swap instantly! We update all rates in real time, and offer very low fees.

MultiSwap team is ready to answer any questions you may have:

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Nice work! Do you have a timeline for when BTC -> GRIN swaps will be supported?

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Cool service, but it’s not using atomic swaps, so this part can’t possibly be true.


Please provide more technical details on your website.

Are you using client side generated DEX accounts, limit orders and deposit/withdrawal addresses, or how are the “swaps” performed trustlessly?

If your non-custodial claim can be verified, BTC -> GRIN would be really awesome!

If you are using custodial exchanges for liquidity under the hood, please don’t advertise it as non-custodial.


BTC > GRIN is now available on MultiSwap! Feel free to give it a try :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback, we will be updating our technical details and provide more transparent experience for users of MultiSwap.