Monero removing ring signatures?

Work is being done to switch over to zk-snarks instead of rings

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Can grin switch to zk-snarks?

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Anyone has ideas why Monero wants to switch to zk-snarks as Zcash already got it?

This is not true. Seraphis is a ring signature protocol. It is an extension from the Groth-Kohlweiss One Out of Many proof scheme.

This is not at all like zk-snarks, but it is very similar to traditional ring signatures as you know them.

Maybe ring signatures doesnt work as privacy method, they cant raise it anymore.

This is using bulletproofs instead of zk-snarks to achieve the same result as Zcash shielded outputs; namely a proof that you spent any shielded output on-chain, not just one of N as in ring-sigs.


“I’ll be pushing for this to be deployed with Seraphis, finally removing rings”

Not sure what that means then

Grin already had “no ring signatures” as a bragging point many years ago

It means its no longer a ring signature, but it also isn’t a zk-snark. The construction, although not technically a ring, is more similar to rings than it is to snarks

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