Lack of Windows wallet & starting to mine regardless

Hello folks,
Newbie help required, I’ve had a look around here earlier today and can find very little info on a windows wallet.
I have tested my 6Vega rig on Floonet with GrinMint and it seems to work OK

Since GRIN doesn’t seem to have addresses, I plan to start mining before actually having a working wallet.
I feel its very important to be “in” at the start so don’t want to miss out on the low difficulty so I could either,

  1. Wait for the windows release (how long anyone?)
  2. Learn how to run an emulator / VM
  3. Install Linux on an old laptop

Am I barking up the wrong tree here or would this approach work?
Thank you.

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There is a WIP Windows wallet but it’s not going to make it to mainnet launch, see here for more info. If you want to mine from day one, you will either have to use Linux to run both the miner and the node+wallet or in case you desperately want to use Windows for mining it might be possible to use GrinGoldMiner for mining and deploy your node+wallet on a Linux host.

Thankyou for taking the time to reply.
I’m sure there will be others with the same concerns that might see this thread
As I said I’ve used the GrinGoldMiner on the testnet with my 6 vega rig and the pool shows Grins, so my intention is to mine from day 1 and take the time to learn how to set up a wallet on Ubuntu on an old laptop.
I don’t want to run a node, I just want the wallet, is this possible do you know ?
Thanks agian for your help

I’ve asked on Gitter to confirm, it’s not possible currently since the wallet needs to validate the outputs it receives.

Thankyou very much.
Tomorrow, put Ubuntu drive back in laptop and su - …

I see no reason why you couldn’t mine and wait for a working windows wallet. Sure you would have the risk of stored coins at the pool. But if you do not set a payout amount, they will just accumulate their until you have a wallet and request them.

Yes this is what I hoped/thought, but it’ll take me a few days to get my linux legs.
Stellite has an algo change right about the same time so I’m going to miss any bonus coinage there if there are difficulty fluctuations during the change.

You won’t need to know linux. You just keep your coins at the pool until they or someone releases a windows wallet to download or web wallet. It can’t be that long or there would be interest in the coin since 99.9% of user/miners are using windows miners and wallets. Most people are not linux gurus, they are home miners.

You can use a mobile wallet soon (ios and android)

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Here is the windows node,

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