Just copy beam sbbs system

Why relay on third party services like

file tx is only good for dark stuff
http is no private (public ip)
https its hard to setup for most people

I giveup on Grin for now

Just copy beam SBBS system

Good luck

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Why rely on centralized services like Beam’s SBBS?

I give up on Beam for now.

Just use the open Grinbox protocol.

Good luck.


Ok grinbox is fine. Not widely used yet

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Can you elaborate on how Beam’s SBBS is centralized? I didn’t get such an idea by reading this post, it looks like grinbox running as a sidecar to every grin node.


That was the post I read, actually. I interpreted “…relayed by Beam’s nodes and received by client wallets.” as the nodes being run exclusively by the Beam team. Perhaps I misinterpreted it.

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Is a good question

Wallets have a node


After reading some grin github stuff
Dev team already searching for a solution

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