Discuss UE with Grin and Beam

I’m wondering if Grin has a basic design in mind how to improve the UE in the future, or let me say a good wallet for users, I test Beam these days, they really did a good job on that, and will have a great improved soon.

There are three ways to send&receive grin coins,

  1. provide http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:13415 (public ip exposure, no privacy)
  2. sign a json file and send, re-sign and send back for implement (require email, IM interaction, no simple enough)
  3. connect with keybase and send grin coins (Keybase is not that popular yet, also not simple enough)

Under a real payment scenario, two things are basic
how much to pay?
where to pay? Credit card user use credit id, bitcoin user use bitcoin wallet address.

Due to MW protocol do not need a address for wallet, but where to pay? it must be simple enough, easy to understand, no more learning&thinking.

Beam use a temp address for every transactions, the temp address will be expried in a day, or more, or never if you want(also can be deleted). I think this is a good design.

And how about Grin? what’s our plan?


That‘s cool, just like what beam did. Why not to put it in grin repo?

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As far as I know, Beam implements DHT-style P2P-transaction building which they call SBBS. That’s quite different from the approach in wallet713.

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