Jaspervdm - Progress update thread Nov to Jan 2021

Hello everyone, this is the update thread for my November - January 2021 funding period. I’ll be posting regular progress reports here.

With the final Hard Fork around the corner, the focus is fully on the outstanding issues in the planning issue. I will go point by point:

  • PIBD p2p messages (RFC): This feature consist of multiple outstanding PRs by both me and antioch that are all nearing completion. Since last time me and antioch both discovered edge cases in the segment code that have been subsequently fixed by me. We also discussed an improved serialization technique for the output bitmap that improves scaling, which I am currently implementing. Once that is done we would need some final review and it should be ready to be merged.
  • Late locking: The PR for this feature is up and being reviewed. Note that we will keep this feature marked as experimental in the upcoming release. Thanks to yeastplume for the initial work on this.
  • Fix fees: I helped tromp with some serialization details as well fixing doctests on his PR’s.

I think we are in good shape for the coming Hard Fork. We are expecting to release a first beta release relatively soon, as planned.

I will be back soon with another update!