Incoming hostile takeover of the Grin CC

There’s no true anon on the CC, maybe that’s what we’re missing? some die hard cypherpunk.


We’re all on twitter bro. Maxis are used to it and have thick skin.

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@Skyr To anyone who is worried about the Grin price shooting upp attracting hordes of investing trolls :troll: , please look at this table for 30 seconds…it will dissolve all your wories and enlighten your mind:


What, no coins ever pumped over night?

They are not used to this. They are getting destroyed. I know this guy is not representative, but it’s likely what a lot of them are experiencing inside:

They are being replaced:

The Bitcoin narrative was established and backed by many public accounts. What’s the Grin narrative, and who will defend it against an organised attack backed by the natrual force of the savages?

Repeat, read this and you will see Grin is unlikely to moon soon.
Time to stop and lock this trolling thread since it is only wasted time!
@Skyr is banned for one month, I suggest he reads more and trolls less.