How to have multiple wallets in grin-wallet?

Does grin-wallet support multiple wallets (multiple private keys)? If so, how would I accomplish this?


The official CLI wallet supports multiple sub-accounts in one main wallet.
Wallet1 (one private key)

  • Sub1 (can be restored by above private key)
    -> Sub2 …

I am personally using this script here to generate multiple wallets with its own private keys.

Once created you can distribute your GRINS accordingly.

Can you explain how to do this without using that script?

I understand that there is an account system in the official grin-wallet CLI. What exactly are accounts; are they separate private keys with they’re own backup phrases, or are they derived keys in a hierarchical deterministic kind of way?

Accounts are just derived keys from a single HD seed. There’s really not an easy way to do what you want. You’ll either have to use accounts, switch to Grin++, or create several directories with different wallets and keep changing the config to point to the one you want.

So if I understand correctly: grin-wallet supports multiple wallets by creating a wallet directory using the following command:

grin-wallet -d directoryname init

This will create a directory named directoryname in the current working directory. The official wallet CLI will recognize when it’s in this directory during execution of commands like grin-wallet info.

So, if I wish to create a wallet for purpose of offline storage, I can simply delete this directory after funds have been transferred (of course the seed phrase would be backed-up somewhere)?

Is there anything else I should know about? What are “accounts” when it comes to the official wallet CLI?

It looks like grin-wallet will use the current working directory as the wallet if it contains the wallet files generated from grin-wallet -d [directory-name] init. So, I wouldn’t need to change the my main config it seems.

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