How does the Wallet Sending via API identify the recipient

In BTC wallet transactions, through the address to identify the identity of the user, so you can know the amount of each user and the transaction details, if we are a currency exchange, we want to know every transaction of recharge objects is who, so as to increase the corresponding digital assets to the user, how to achieve the demands in the grin wallet, what should I do

Receipts would solve this problem, I think. The slate goes like this:

  1. Receiver creates slate for specified amount
  2. Sender signs the slate with wallet
  3. Receiver finalizes

This seems to me to be potentially more useful in most scenarios than the standard flow where the sender creates the slate.


I have the same problem too.
I want to know how to implement it.

Can you provide the Demo case in combination with via API? Thank you

Hello, is your problem solved?

I think it’s adding an identifier to the receiving address
Such as:
where Grin04UPCfPFIIVH is the user’s identity, and I’m going to try the feasibility of that