How Deloitte talked about us

I’ve just gone around google and found this pdf from Deloitte. What suprises me is that Grin was selected in their research about the blockchain galaxy.


It states:

Grin is a quite recent open-source cryptocurrency project implementing a MimbleWimble blockchain and officially launched at the beginning of 2019. For this reason, it is still in an “experimental state”, and it is emblematic that the developers themselves give this advice to the user: “Use at your own risk!”.The main peculiarity of Grin is its lack of amounts and addresses, which alone guarantees complete privacy (by default). As an example, to spend a Grin output transaction, in the form of “(rG) + (vH)”, a user should know both the so-called blinding factor (r) and the amount of Grin available (v). The latter is known (v) is know both by the sender and the receiver of each transaction, while the blinding factor is a sort of private key chosen (and thus known only) by the recipient of each transaction. For this reason, only the receiver of a particular transaction can spend the Grin associated to it.Most of the relevant features of Grin are relies on strong cryptographic primitives (mainly Elliptic Curve Cryptography), which are exploited also for removing most of past transaction data, in order to increase scalability and maintain a lightweight chain (potentially orders of magnitude smaller of other similar blockchains), without compromising security.
An interesting consequence of this characteristic is the increased efficiency in the synchronization of new nodes with the rest of the network. Grin is community driven, thus it is not controlled by any company, foundation or individual. In addition to this, it has been launched free of ICO, without pre-mining and
founder’s reward, thus mainly relying on donations. The project is overall interesting, even though more time is definitely necessary to validate its solidity, especially given the lack of a (financially involved) controlling organization.


This is a bit overselling it since Grin transaction linkage does not equal complete privacy, but otherwise, nice piece.

man,stop that fear.)) it is already labeled as privacy coin.
You cant change that even you have %1 privacy.

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Lol, I do not fear it, I just think from a marketing perspective is is not the best choice nor is technically correct.
But I am not daring to hope that Governments and regulators will not mark Grin as a privacy coin, they like to put labels on things and they most definitely do not like changing labels. So Grin will probably stay on list of privacy coins, no matter what, indeed even at 1% privacy :stuck_out_tongue:.

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i understand you man,but it is too late. Grin is already marked. Since 2018 before launch.

if you enter to that path, complying with law and Govt, it is dead. Only way is Bitcoins proven and tested way.

Regulators,Governments,Tax and death is certain. Lets not worry the things we cant change. Just move forward.

Electronic transactions for all.
Without censorship or restrictions.


:point_up_2: To that I can say amen :pray:.

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