Hello this is Rahul Soshte

I found about this project through Reddit. I am Rust Developer and freelanced in 2 projects on Upwork but wanted to gain more experience in a team environment. Wanted to know if I could get a job here at GRIN. I don’t know how does that really work here.
I just wanted to introduce myself for the start.
I am Rahul Soshte. I am Indian and always loved coding in Rust.
My Upwork Profile


Welcome to the community Rahul
I have no experience in Rust but I’m looking to learn, can you help with this rust problem?

Welcome, great to have you here @hunter
There is enough to be done, check out GitHub - mimblewimble/grin-wallet: Grin Wallet.
There are many open issues that needs dealing with. Also good to get a feel for the code.
If any think peeks your interest to work on, let us know.
The best way to convince us is by doing a bit of work, showing your value before applying for funding.
But if you have something else in mind, just let us know.