Grin/USDT is now trading on LBank


LBank has enable Grin deposit feature at 2019.1.16 23:00. Grin/USDT trading pair is now living on LBank @** . You can start placing buy orders now. More information we’ll keep you updated.

LBank (, Ledger Bank, began to develop in December 2015 and it is the world’s leading digital asset exchange, providing global users with safe, professional and convenient digital asset exchange services, investment services and financial services. As the Top10 digital asset exchange in the world, we have over 3 million of registered users and average daily trading volume reached 180 million US dollars.

LBank conducts strict audits from compliance on the token listing service. According to different public chain system, we have five trading zones,and each trading zone has a variety of digital asset. Further more,LBank has opened the C2C service zone which provide stable coin LBCN ,the users can get LBCN from dealer and then exchange with other digital assets on LBank platform .

With the dedication to providing the best practice for trading experience. The team has always been committed to building the top digital asset trading service platform to safeguard asset security and provide professional trading experience for global users.

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the trading pair on lbank is still untradable…:disappointed_relieved:

Yes.But it will be soon~Stay turned!:smile:

seems worked, but the price crushed :zipper_mouth_face:

The fair value of the market needs to wait for a while, until the exchanges be available for the withdraw.:no_mouth:

Seems like the trading pair is now living?