Grin Survivor of the fittest

Despite the market turmoil, catastrophic things happen, i see Grin network is healthy and non-stop working, many projects will die eventually. Grin can be one of the survivors, if you look at ICO-less, opensource, decentrralized features with its proof of work design.

Sand castles are ruining, not a grin problem. Market is full of copy cat projects with greed and sprint.
Now it became clear that this is a marathon. People will learn sooner or later about it. Grin can even benefit from this turbulence, with its secure and neutral design.
This cryptospace is for survive of the fittest.

'Designed for the decades to come, not just for tomorrow.’’


Another reason to love Grin’s proof of work algorithm, cuckoo cycle, as well as the choice to go for Asics mining. Because mining is memory limited and not energy limited, those Asics out there happily continue mining no-matter fluctuations in price.

The only negative effect from a low price might be that the hash rate will temporarily not go up much since less people will invest in new Asics. However, a wise mining wizard might recognize the opportunity and buy miners while they are heavily discounted :wink: :mage:.


If there are any GPU farms still on the network they are close to getting flushed out.

But maybe there are more profitable options and they are already gone.

might be a total coincidence, but usually Grins blockchain looks pretty abandoned:

However all of the sudden it is alive:

I guess in this very moment the world realized that Grin is very nice.


There is more than meets the eye with Grin. Also looking at volumes over 1 year, well…it speaks volumes :wink: :mage:
I leave it to everyone’s own interpretation.


I believe there is a daily spike in activity around midnight Beijing time when does their payouts.


True, block 1747351 would be around 12:39 am Beijing time. A bit later than normal I think.
But could be

Graph-rate hit 17.8 kgps. GRIN Network Hashrate Chart - 2Miners


It’s graph-rate, showing how many graphs per second are searched.