GRIN Mobile Wallet is Officially Released

Dear Grinners,

GRIN’s mobile wallet is officially released on Vite iOS wallet in Apr. 22, 2019 (UTC+8).

How to download:
Please search “vite wallet” in App Store, or you could use the follow download link to install this mobile wallet on your Apple phone:

Currently, two mining pools have supported miners to transfer their GRIN dividends to Vite Wallet.

Let me briefly introduce how to send & transfer GRIN via vite wallet:

  1. Send&Receive via https
    Click “Receive” and “use https address”, and after that, you will have an exclusive HTTP address on the second tab and click “COPY”.
  2. Send&Receive via transaction file
    Here is a specific instruction about how to use transaction file.
    Vite’s inviting Beta tester for Grin wallet!
  3. Using vite address to send&receive GRIN is the most convinient way
    Here are the principle and the instruction link.
    The principle: A user-friendly mobile wallet for GRIN is going to be released - Vite Wallet
    The instruction: No More Alice, Bob and Charlie & One Click is Enough

The most important thing: Please always keep your mnomenic phrase well. If you want to install the latest version on your iphone please uninstall the beta version first!


This looks awesome! Any plans for an Android release? :smiley:

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Yes it is under developing.


Yes it is under developing right now.

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Thanks for sharing! If I understand the flow correctly:

  1. Sender sends grin via HTTP to Vite
  2. Vite forwards grin via vite address to Recipient

If that’s right, I’ve a couple of questions:

A. Does the Recipient have to trust Vite to forward the grin in step 2? Does Vite have full control of Recipient’s grin after step 1? Could Vite send somewhere else or decide to keep the grin themselves (i.e. exit scam)?

B. What happens if Sender claims they completed step 1 above but Vite claims they never received the Grin so they could forward it to the Recipient in step 2? Who should Recipient believe? Can Vite prove they are correct?

C. Is it correct that the Recipient will therefore pay double the transaction fees as they receive their outputs as part of two atomic transactions?


Thanks for your reply and questions!
These questions are really valuable!
The below text has explained your questions and hope you satisfy with the answers!
Your replies really mean a lot to our team.

For Recipient:
There are three ways to receive GRIN by using Vite Wallet. They are respectively “use transaction file”, “use HTTP” and “use VITE address”. In these three ways only “use HTTP address” is involved in VITE gateway. And the other two methods, “use transaction file” and “use VITE address” are all based on the protocol of GRIN. When you choose to “use transaction file” to receive GRIN, the concerning reception will not be sent to VITE gateway; and the same goes to “use VITE address” where only both sender and recipient can decrypt the file which is encrypted (x25519). So in these two ways, only sender and recipient are concerned, nothing else, which are consistent with the interactive mode of using GRIN’s transaction file. Vite will not take any reception when the recipient chooses these two ways. And transaction fee will happen only once in these two ways.
When choosing to “use HTTP” in Vite wallet, people should trust VITE gateway ( you can find more trust after viewing our official website: Therefore, VITE is through the below technical solutions to guarantee the recipient’s transactions traceable.
Firstly, let me introduce to you why needs VITE gateway to forward GRIN to the recipient. Because users can not make sure their wallet online all the time, but the VITE gateway is always online. And on the VITE gateway, every user will have a corresponding and independent GRIN account, which means the asset of every user is connected to that account directly. The VITE gateway starts with https and both recipient and sender can check their transaction record in the use of the same salted ID in their own wallet. When VITE gateway received a transaction, the recipient can find the transaction process in Vite Wallet (under developing). This method is for the benefits of users by making a transaction more convenient. Of cause, you can choose the other two ways as you preferred. More details: A user-friendly mobile wallet for GRIN is going to be released - Vite Wallet

In the future, Vite wallet hopes more wallets support VITE address. If both recipient and sender are using VITE protocol, they can enjoy the below benefits:

  1. safe, in other words, only the recipient and sender have the reception;
  2. receive and send GRIN even they are not online simultaneously;
  3. only one transaction fee happened.

For Sender:
When you send GRIN by using Vite wallet, “use HTTP” and “use transaction file” both obey GRIN principle and have nothing to do with VITE gateway.

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Thanks for the team’s answers @choeriswangqiji, based on your reply I interpret the answers to my original questions:

A. Yes to all questions.
B. At the moment, it is not possible to prove that Sender sent or that Vite received.
C. Correct.

Please let me know if the above is wrong. I also have some additional questions:

D. Is it possible to run my own gateway and connect to the Vite network?

E. Is the gateway open source? If not, are you planning to open source it? If the answer is no, why not?

F. Did you consider being compatible with grinbox? The grinbox relay is open source, you could run your own relay still, but this would allow your Vite wallets to speak to other grin wallets, such as wallet713 or grin++. You could still support http forwarding just as you do today. As a member of the grinbox team, it would be helpful for me to understand the motivation that led to the Vite team introducing their own standard. Maybe this is something we could draw learnings from, and could help us improve Grinbox for the future. :slight_smile:

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Vite wallet will not transfer users asset since it is a decentralized wallet developed on the top of VITE public chain. Neither will VITE gateway. So your presumption has no standpoint. At the moment, it is possible to prove the status of both sender and recipient because the concerning technique has been developed already and will be put with another function on the next version. Vite mobile wallet is really interested and could you plz offer some materials about grinbox to this email addrss:

I see, thank you for clarifying! I’ve sent some materials about grinbox and how to integrate, for others interested, it’s available here:

We’re always appreciating feedback on how to do improve!

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I have received your email and reported to our dev team. Thanks for you materials.


Please, add support for MWGrinpool &
Thanks. Android would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your advice. We are contacting with these two pools now! Will let you know the result!

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you are the best! Thank you :smiley:

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