Grin Miner Dev Donation Option

Yeah, we don’t really have one of those yet but I think there’s a lot we need to do in that area, it’s a bit of a mess right now.

this would be great, is it even possible to mine directly to a wallet via any of the miners currently available? I for one would be more than happy to add my two 1080ti’s to mine some time, not that it brings in much.
the key for me is automation, the process just needs to be seamless, as you suggested elsewhere, set up the miner and forget about it.

You can point your miners to grinmint us and mine without a password to . GGM/GrinPro mine 50% of the fee directly to that pool account. Nobody else has been mining to it, bminer donated BTC as far I as know.

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that’s fantastic.
ok, so i could script myself a solution to mine some of my time per hour to that pool.
thank you for letting me know. :grinning:

QR for Direct Gifting to Dev Fund

Just chiming in to mention that now has voluntary options to donate to the pool and to the grin project. I chose both options.

The donations to the Grin Developers will be sent at least monthly 
to one or more of the community funding campaigns running at that time. 
The total amounts sent to the developer fund(s) will be made public 
for transparency reasons, so you can see where your donations went.