GRIN can not be traded on from Central Europe

I just got informed, traders from central Europe are not allowed to trade on the following coins:


We are only allowed to trade the following pair’s:
"the supported coins for your country are $BTC $LTC $BCH $BSV $ETH $ETC $XLM $ZEC $DOGE $DASH"

This was an account with full Kyc#1 + Kyc#2

Can anyone legally from Europe trade @ $GRIN ?

If you want to trade GRIN/BTC you can always use:

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Which countries exactly? I am from Europe and I am able to withdraw grin from even without Kyc

I did not try to withdraw , as you perhaps can see in this screenshot I was trying to trade BTC for GRIN

Which was not allowed for me here in Germany.
Withdraw GRIN would be the second step after trading some BTC for GRIN.

Are you able to trade (spot) BTC for GRIN ?

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You show promising signs of being a worthy replacement for Grin Boss. Those salty tears…are just like a much needed fertilizer

I never knew the guy but you find those tears just as easily as you find people who still use grin.

Grin sets low after low record. Social media activity is nil. Hardly any activity on Github. Almost all exchanges have turned their backs on Grin. Grin blockchain only has a few transactions, almost all of which can be traced back to mining revenue. Most bounties turned out into nothing. Despite that, there is no awareness or understanding here of how bad the current situation is.

As long as the grabbers here continue to enrich themselves, I’ll help you remember how hard you’ve failed.

Great. I suggest you do that on a yearly basis instead of having monthly episodes. I’m sure you’ll agree that it makes no sense to do it more frequently if there’s nobody around to read it.


I am able to trade Grin and withdraw it just fine. But I am in Eastern Europe :wink:

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Nice! This is a success! We have our own troll! Grin is doing great! To the moooon! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Blockchain looks abandoned due to very few users, i agree.

Not Grin, but its price that is being traded on the few exchanges left.

I don’t mind that the hords of laser-eye Cryptobros on twitter, who only do crypto because of their hope “number goes up” so they can unload their bags on a greater fool, doesn’t show much interest in Grin. Maybe its for the better.

Activity on Github has little informative value about the state of a project. I don’t know what you are talking about anyway, last commits are 2 days old and originating from yeastplume. I assume you just looked the master-branch up and not the other ones that are being worked on before these changes flow into master.

Yes, the main reason likely being that its easy to support copy&paste shitcoins of other projects you already support. That would explain why a small exchange like Bitforex can support 226 different coins (BitForex Handelsmenge und Markt-Auflistungen | CoinMarketCap) A unique implementation like Grin is a lot harder to support since there is nothing you can copy&paste from. The hardforks making changes nessessary in combination with declining user-count was unlucky though. Another reason for declining Exchange-Support is Grin being privacy-friendly, which can be problematic for exchanges from a regulatory perspective (Anti-Money-Laundering-Legislation).

This is like saying “The road is shit because there are so few vehicles on it”.

Well at least Miners use the Blockchain, no? Lucky them, Grin provides them with a steady income because of its linear emission.

Fundamental research is always hard, failure happens here more often than success.

Every one is well aware that Grin had a much larger community and public attention two years ago. However, at that time Grin was horribly flimsy to use, that has scared off many people. It was a big mistake to have that much publicity when the mainnet launched. Launching an unfinished and rushed product only can have bad outcomes, Grin is no different in this regard.

feel welcome to do so, i really have high hopes that you are the Reincarnation of Grin Boss. We need salty tears, lots of them.


I liked the part where they say the project is dead and everything is abandoned but they continue to regularly lurk to just make sure… like you think its dead and abandoned then move on already wtf are they still doing here :laughing: