Grin Audit for 4.0.0-* Release

Hi Grin Community,

My name is Nym Seddon, and I’m doing a pro-bono audit of Grin this week (and maybe next). I’ve already begun work on the audit, and the first finding is on Github (discussed with Daniel Lehnberg, and publishing immediately for that finding was approved).

The scope of the audit will cover changes since the Coinspect audit in mid-2019 in the main node (especially transaction pool logic), wallet, and miner code (in that order, as time permits). Will continue working with the Grin Security Team to discuss audit progression, and will publish results as soon as deemed safe to do so.

Big thanks to the Grin developers and community for the work you are doing to advance applied cryptography and privacy enhancing technology!


This is awesome. Thanks so much for your help!


Yeah this is amazing! Thanks for doing this.

Hi again, I just published the audit report on my research blog and grin-security repo.

Check it out :slight_smile:


very cool! thanks for doing this

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Thank you so much for your kind help and effort on Grin.

Grin is getting better because of this work and you.


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