First Grin Asic ads in conference


Please tell us more about what you heard!

It is expected that the hashrate will increase sharply at the end of October.

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That G1 “Gric” ASIC looks cool too:-)


should be typo,haha~

Is this just your opinion, or is there an article on the topic? If there is, I would like to study, only for myself)

The Grin community may find this link relevant. As much as the article is about the Eth miner, the community is asking questions about the origins of the miner and who is the manufacturer.

The on-stage presence was Canaan but the reply from the representatives is odd.

This would equally apply to the Grin miner and its reveal…same stage and same circumstances.

The performance for both V10 and Gric Miner are so spectacular…yet these miners are only available as domestic sales in China?

Readers can make their own judgement on these recent announcements.

They have the next CMC top3. very good traders at Canaan

There is article but only in chinese.

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The announcement is missing one crucial detail: the graph rate on Cuckatoo32. People will only be able to enjoy the 50 C31 Gps of the G1 MINI for a few months before mining C32 becomes more profitable.

EDIT: I found it in the second chinese article; they claim C32 Gps is at least 30% of C31 Gps, so at least 15 C32 Gps on the G1 MINI. At 150W that means only 10 Jpg (Joule per C32 Graph). For comparison, InnoSilicon’s G32-500 features 22-30 Jpg on C32.

Inno announcing another delay.

Still no real details on specs…but offering coupons for future purchases.

Last part of this article has some news on Inno’s Grin delay. Blaming the foundry. More or less a rehash of the twitter announcement.

If the first part of this article is accurate (ie fire is Inno-related), they will have other distractions in their core business.

Only time will tell us if the farm is related or not to them.

But as the cliche goes, “where there is smoke, there is fire”.