Does Tor improve the user experience?

The user experience of creating a transaction over HTTP is quite poor, because most people don’t have the expertise necessary to forward a port on their router.

With the integration of Tor to the Grin wallet, how does the experience change for a newbie to send or receive grin using the reference client?


I know it will be good for privacy, but I have the same question for the UX. Thanks Chronos! Hopefully someone can help us.

That’s honestly one of the larger issues, because currently Grin only appeals to people with a pretty good understanding of technology. If the goal is to get as many people on board as possible that is something that can’t remain. The only real option is either for something to change with how transactions are conducted or services are going to have to be built to manage your wallets and you can access it through them. Like Coinbase, and that’s and issue because then you are handing over control of your wallet to a third-party which you can’t always trust. All in all it breaks into the simplicity or security.

Tor makes it much easier to transact. You get bitcoin-like addresses with no need to forward ports.