Convert LMDB 2.0.0 Linux -> 2.1.1 Windows

I have a 3GB file data.mdb that was created by Grin 2.0.0 on Ubuntu 18. I want to import it into my Windows Grin 2.1.1 node, because it has old block data that I want to query. Is this possible?

When I copy the file over, I get:

20191124 14:37:58.793 INFO grin - Using configuration file at C:\...\grin-server.toml
20191124 14:37:58.793 INFO grin - This is Grin version 2.1.1 (git v2.1.1), built for x86_64-pc-windows-msvc by rustc 1.38.0 (625451e37 2019-09-23).
20191124 14:37:58.793 WARN grin::cmd::server - Starting GRIN in UI mode...
20191124 14:37:58.793 INFO grin_servers::common::hooks - Spawning 4 threads for webhooks (timeout set to 10 secs)
20191124 14:37:58.794 INFO grin_servers::grin::server - Starting server, genesis block: 40adad0aec27
20191124 14:37:58.804 ERROR grin_util::logger - 
thread 'main' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: Chain(Error { inner: LmdbErr(Error::Code(112, 'There is not enough space on the disk.

Store Error: LmdbErr(Error::Code(112, 'There is not enough space on the disk.
')), reason: LMDB error })': src\libcore\ backtrace:
   0: <no info> (0x7ff6033a98ad)
   1: <no info> (0x7ff6033a82e9)
   2: <no info> (0x7ff603345941)
   3: <no info> (0x7ff603461385)
   4: <no info> (0x7ff603460e94)
   5: <no info> (0x7ff603460d79)
   6: <no info> (0x7ff603475e6c)
   7: <no info> (0x7ff603475f6f)
   8: <no info> (0x7ff602c29247)
   9: <no info> (0x7ff602c29bdc)
  10: <no info> (0x7ff602c5a7d9)
  11: <no info> (0x7ff602c59029)
  12: <no info> (0x7ff602c394f6)
  13: <no info> (0x7ff603460cd7)
  14: <no info> (0x7ff6034689f2)
  15: <no info> (0x7ff603461582)
  16: <no info> (0x7ff602c5b587)
  17: <no info> (0x7ff6034c47b0)
  18: BaseThreadInitThunk (0x7ffeaeca7bd4)
  19: RtlUserThreadStart (0x7ffeaff8ced1)```

Tried updating the source node to Grin 2.1.1, and the chain_data folder grew from 3GB to 3.9GB! :open_mouth:

However, it had no effect on the error above. Any ideas? Is this data meant to be compatible across operating systems?

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Could you check this?

Well duh, haha. I should have mentioned that. Disk has 300gb free.

I spun up another Ubuntu 18 to consume the LMDB, which worked. If anyone can advise on how to export this for Windows Grin, I would be very interested. Thanks!