Community Council: Election for the 6th CC member!

The number of votes was similar to last CC vote. Can’t really imagine the choice to extend was unbiased. This choice was also discussed in private and I want no part in such nonsense

The choice to extend was biased and made in private. Get out of here with this nonsense

Honestly, you guys change the rules the same day election was supposed to close. I think the CC conversation and voting on this subject should be made public


I very much doubt they’ve extended the voting period to go against you since you’re leading by a lot and the community doesn’t have enough active members to make someone else surpass you. I would also guess that you could probably get more easily new votes than the other candidates. So my guess is that there was nothing shady, just an honest mistake in when this was announced. Was the choice to extend it made in private? Yes, as it should be. Thinking that cc chats must be public makes no sense to me, what should be public is their decision and explanations and the decision was explained by @Anynomous. Sure, maybe they’ve made a mistake, but your reaction was not really exemplary either


I would disagree with that. It is impossible and probably incorrect to try and prevent any private discussions within a council, but it is normal to expect a decision making process to be held publicly, to allow for the community to comment. That is a common feature across most forms of government and avoids situations exactly like this where the council members might find them surprised by how their actions are perceived.

Even though it didn’t strike me as malicious I could’ve told them an extension seemed silly and hand wringing, like it’s such a small community what are they worried the word hadn’t got out about the vote? Anyone who is remotely active here would’ve already seen all of the candidate posts.


Yeah, as I initially stated, the other two candidates are great. Clearly my views on transparency and optics wouldn’t align with the CC. That’s okay. I’m still going to run my nodes and do what I can for grin.


I think having such conversations public would only drain cc’s energy since there will always be someone who will disagree with their decision or flame someone’s choice of words, so the conversation would become less pleasant since you need to be very careful about what you say and how you say it. In my view cc is the same as the core team but with one difference that its members were voted by the community.

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i’am the other candidate and I really think this was a honest mistake. please reconsider your position


I told my wife on the 28th that I was considering withdrawing my candidacy because I noticed all the participating OC was voting for you and that I know you’re a great person and great for the community. I regret some of my contribution to the rift between the OC and the community and figured you were a great choice for the CC that wouldn’t enforce the divide. Something came up at work and I forgot to do it. This was my original motivation. That being said, under no circumstance can I reconsider due to the manner that things went down and I’d still like the CC to be trustworthy and accountable on this matter.

Guess what, people disagree and that’s okay. The world is filled with disagreements and people who can’t handle that cannot lead

I know that, but you can disagree in a polite way. Polite disagreements lead to good things, rude ones lead to bad things

At the moment all I can specifically disagree with is an 11th hour change of the rules that was poorly executed and discussed in private from a CC meant to promote trust and transparency.

Fear of unpleasant disagreement is no excuse for private conversations about public matters such as a community election.


Dear all, the voting is now officially closed!
The results are as follows:

Johndavies (retracted his candidacy) - 19 votes
Mokhtar - 13 votes
Cobragrin 6 votes

Votes by accounts created after the start of the election at April 11 were ignored.
As can be seen by the results, @johndavies24 would have won this election. Since he retracted his candidacy, the honor will go to @Mokhtar who got 13 votes.
:tada:Congratulations @Mokhtar, welcome to the team :grinning: :tada:

The Community Council will contact @Mokhtar to transfer @Paouky’s key to the Community Council wallet to him. Mokthar now has official voting rights for any decisions regarding the Communities funds.

We would like to thank all candidates for their participation and willingness to rise to the occasion. Your contributions to Grin as a project are noted and appreciated by the community as can be seen by the wide support for all of you. Have a magical night and enjoy the special lunar eclipse and blood moon if it is visible in your region :red_circle: :waxing_gibbous_moon:


Congrats to @Mokhtar, he/she certainly is a steadfast grin loyalist and deserves it. However in fairness to our other viable candidate, I’ll say I’ve been seriously impressed with @cobragrin In regards to groundskeeper. He is consistently involved and available. I go to post something on a subreddit and I see he’s already done it; on Twitter, he is engaging and has the right measured, informative tone. Anyway, thanks to him for the initiative for community council


transfer or create new keys? transfering sounds kind of a dangerous approach. It’s not that i don’t trust paouky, but it’s probably best to always do it the same way and the only safe way is to make previous member’s key useless.



We discussed this before between the CC members and decided up to one transfer is acceptible in terms of the security risk. For a second change in members we will create a new wallet altogether.

Thank you for your support :vulcan_salute: @satoshocrat , you are a great admin and eyekeeper on Grin also.
Thanks to all who voted for me, really appreciate your support. Also thankful to Grincc , offering me as candidate beside @johndavies24 who has far superior knowledge than me. @Mokhtar, he is really loyal and steady guy… i wish him success, and believe he will do his best.
Congratulations @Mokhtar :clap:


Congratulations @Mokhtar :clap:, I wish you good luck in your new role.


The next CC member needs to be someone who can scout talent to work on Grin

Grin will attract interested developers over time, no need to scout people who will just come for the money.

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