Coindesk features GRIN and BEAM DEC 21 2018

There’s an article about us on coindesk do give it a read.

From the article:

Grin’s monetary policy is unfixed. Currently, a new token is issued every second, though this will decrease periodically every ten years. This is due to the project’s belief that sustained issuance will stabilize the value of the currency.

What’s all this about ten years?

The result of journalists mis-remembering/confusing things and not bothering to have their articles fact-checked by experts.

The forum is still dead, yet they claim to launch everything this month.

Still, developers are urging on each side that due to their differences, and the two implementations will continue to co-exist – and even complement one another other. And both expressed a will to overcome the community tribalism that exists in the industry.

How quickly will this change if say, they launch the coin with a big media push and several of the features fall apart?

I found several sources that stated Dec 15 as the launch date. I guess that was pushed out, because other sources said December 2018, and I couldn’t find any sign of a mainnet yet.

Today they announced a launch date of Jan 3…
the 10 year anniversary of bitcoin’s genesis block.

No update on their website… Where did they announce it? They are probably mainly using Telegram, right? Is there anyone caring about their launch apart from their investors?

Btw, I sent an email to Rachel to amend some parts of the article (emission, pow) but she still seems to have gotten the PoW bit wrong… Oh well…

Currently, Grin combines Equihash with another proof-of-work algorithm, named Cuckoo Cycle, which is intended to block the use of ASICs by making the algorithm less predictable.

And indeed I saw this on Telegram. There are quite a few people interested in mining Beam.

Thanks for getting the story (more) straight!

I guess this is expected: pow that is already mined elsewhere, new coin, fixed supply, MimbleWimble is cool tech, backed by a company. There is ample opportunity for profits. I was wondering more about the rest of the community. Would you say there are people genuinely interested in Beam as a tool outside of the core devs and investors? It seems they are targetting enterprises but I am not sure how that’s going to pan out. Anyway, it’s good to see another MimbleWimble deployment out there and we should pay attention.

I have no idea. Would you say the core devs and investors are genuinely interested in Beam as a tool outside of storing value?

I don’t think storing value is the point… gaining value is.

It will be interesting to see whether a company-centric or community-centric model is more successful.