CODEX Exchange Listed GRIN Coin

Now you can buy, store, sell and trade Grin coin on CODEX.
Available pairs: GRIN/BTC, GRIN/USDT.

Q&A: How to Withdraw Grin Coin on CODEX?
To keep up with the maximum privacy and security Grin Coin proposes a different way of the coins personal storage. Grin Coin doesn’t have a wallet address, thus any withdrawal from the exchange is made through your IP:P. Bear in mind, to withdraw your coins from CODEX exchange you have to provide your IP:P and the amount you’d like to withdraw. After, we conduct your withdrawal manually. To receive GRIN coins your wallet should be available from outside of your LAN to connect to our wallet.

Q&A: How to Deposit Grin Coin on CODEX?
If you want to deposit your GRIN today, on January 23rd, press the “+” button near GRIN in the Balance tab. You will be directed to the support to open a new ticket. Our support will provide the necessary assistance to make a deposit. Starting from January 24th you will be able to deposit GRIN in the Balance tab directly to You’ll need to provide a Shared Transaction ID in the same window once you send coins and press the CLAIM button. Our support will deposit your GRIN ASAP.

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