Checking node status when running via systemd

I set up a grin node by following Build and Run Automation - Grin Documentation

Everything started up successfully, but I’m wondering how to check the sync status of the node give that UI is disabled.

when running via systemd you have to check locally with a curl command like:

curl -d '{"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"get_status","params":{} }' -o - -X POST http://localhost:3413/v2/owner

"id": "json",
"result": {
"Ok": {
"connections": 121,
"protocol_version": 2,
"sync_status": "no_sync",
"tip": {
"height": 527467,
"last_block_pushed": "000001a81c92da17102079862b927134e7f8210ad56af892f494a072f5b77b92",
"prev_block_to_last": "000024005775cf7e2155d8156e514b6b1f51d98483a7bdc220a22334d2b30749",
"total_difficulty": 1456919673376722
"user_agent": "MW/Grin 3.1.0-beta.1"


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Awesome! Thanks for the help and answer

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