Can someone explain this picture? On the problem of withdrawal from ore pool

Who can tell me? Why can grin network still use HTTP as withdrawal method? I just tried Recharge does not show recovery.

I can understand that the current HTTP network mode can still be used normally?

Can’t anyone tell me? Can we still use HTTP for grin transfer?

No, as of the last network upgrade to version 5, wallets no longer support HTTP.

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you can if if use old wallet

Actually if we add a http proxy before wallet listen, it is still possible to support http deposit.

like this litte script grin4ex/ at master · xiaojay/grin4ex · GitHub


Another option is if you parse your onion address from the slatepack address, you can continue to send to http://<onion_address> until I finally shut that service down. But I’d much rather just see exchanges support the standard.