Bounty program : Trustless aggregator on layer 1


Make a bounty program of 150K$+ for a trustless aggregator system proposal on the layer 1 to break the linkability between inputs/outputs in the mempool.

Bounty reward:

  • 150k$ +


The trustless aggregator system on layer 1 aims to be the best solutions to the current linkability problems that grin is suffering.

Against the current “solution” proposed, which need to rely on an optional centralized third party service as the Daily aggregator. Like most of people here, we can agree this is not an ideal solutions for a decentralized project, nor privacy. Moreover, we could suppose that such service will not be used a lot.

The only problem with the trustless aggregator system on layer 1 we are facing, is that it seems something quite hard to design… And that’s why some community members would like to launch an attractive bounty program for the people(s) who will find a proposal matching our requirements.

Such trustless aggregator system on layer 1 will allows every transactions being aggregated by default for all users. Improving drastically the privacy of Grin for all of these users.

Requirements :

  • Trustless aggregator system
  • Layer 1
  • Break linkability of inputs/outputs in the mempool

All of these requirements are still a draft and need to be well defined if the bounty program is accepted by council.

This might be one the most important improvement/feature of these last years for Grin if a solution is found!


why not spend $40k to pay for ‘X’ dummy txs per block?

grin tx fee of → ~$0.02

a block every minute all day → 1440

.02 * (4 dummy tx per block) * 1440 = $115/day

$40,000 – covering fire for one year

won’t dandelion++ handle the aggregation? @quentinlesceller