BCH upgrade proposal: Use ASERT as the new DAA

Maybe Grin could benefit from recent DAA research?!

Jonathan also made a great accompanying video explaining the tool in detail:


Here’s a comparison of Grin’s current DAA with some increased dampening variants as well as 4 versions of the simpler wtema:

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Nice, I was waiting for a benchmark graph. No screenshot?
I am lazy to install and run, cannot do it from my mobile phone.

This is just one of many many possible comparison graphs the tool can show:


So since Grin is expected to have ASICs, this is to prepare for a scenario when there will be coins using the same PoW algorithm and hence we want to give them less incentive to switch networks by reducing the difficulty fluctuation?

I think it will be useful even before asics, as general-purpose GPUs can mine and switch between different chains, grin being one of them.

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This is simply to improve the DAA regardless of whether ASICs appear. While this tool was developed for studying BCH hashrate variations caused by miners switching to/from Bitcoin, Grin has similar variations due to miners switching to/from all other GPU mined coins.

In the latest version I made the wtema half-lives a multiple of 60,
which fits Grin better. The former multiples of 144 were due to BCH using a 144 block window which is expected to take 144 * 10 mins = 1 day.
You can also see how Grin’s 60 block window with damping factor 3 has similar response time to a 180 block window with no damping.

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