API problem, can't get data from old blocks

I’m playing around with my node API, but I can’t get data from old blocks using ‘/v1/blocks/height’ url. It only returns a result from the last ~ 2000 blocks. E.g. if I put the height to 100 it returns an empty string.

That’s because the node deletes old blocks by default.

Ah, ok. Is it somehow possible to get data locally from older blocks? I’ve tried to set my node to ‘archive_mode’ but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Would be nice to make some graphics of the input / ouput growth since the beginning.

Immediately after a fast sync (IBD) the local node will have approx 2 days of full blocks.
This will grow over the next few days to 1 weeks worth.

Setting a node to archive_mode will cause all subsequent blocks to be archived (and not removed), but it will have no effect on historical blocks that the node never processed.