1660ti - how to optimize mining?

Hi all!

There is so little discussion here about mining configs and speeds, I wonder why…

Anyhow, I am getting a very stable 3,31 G/s with gminer 1.96 with OC but without any OV.

Is that even good? Anyone with a 1660ti or similar card getting a higher graph rate? If so, what are your tricks? Any luck with OV? Found a faster miner than Gminer? (I can’t get Bminer to work, have not tried lolMiner).

Please share your thoughts!

What core, memory, and power settings are you using?

You would typically get around 2.50 g/s with the following settings:
Core +100
Mem +250
Power 75%

Gminer v1.96 is quite good but I have been getting 7% better graph rates with lolMiner v0.9.6 (v0.9.7 is worse, so stick with 0.9.6)

I use:
Core +110 (2025 mhz)
Mem +1100 (6851 mhz)
Power 107%

+250 in mem is probably the culprit why you would get that low hash rate with the OC you posted. It seems important to find the right sweet spot in memory frequency. +1200 gives lower, +1000 gives lower. +1100 gives highest graph rate for me.

Will try lolminer tomorrow and report back my graph rate!

I would advise bringing your power down to 75% as that is the sweet spot for PROFIT as electricity cost is an important factor.

I use the rig to heat the home so electricity is not a big factor for me right now. I would rather just crank it up to max possible graph rate.

Tried the lolminer but got a very low graph rate at 1.3 G/s. Did not find any way to alter the intensity in the miner. But I suspected it would not work well since the developer writes the miner is focused on cards from AMD.