Why interactive?

Looking at the mimblewimble paper and the bulletproof paper I’m not seeing where the interactive requirement comes up.

What in Grin difffers requires the protocol to be interactive?

I think we should stop using the word “interactive” as it seems to confuse many people. Where did you see it? In this context it doesn’t mean that sender and receiver have to be available at the same time, just that they need a full exchange.

The reason for the full exchange, as opposed to the simpler transaction send in the MimbleWimble paper, is additional security. Otherwise with simple transactions, the receiver could deny ever having received the money and the sender would have no way of proving she did.

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The term “non-interactive” is used in the bulletproof paper, but it’s over my head and is probably the source of my confusion.

I took “interactive” to mean both wallets need to be online at the same time for a transaction to complete.

If they need a full exchange it seems like they would need to both be online, yes?

No, we can have a full back-and-forth by carrier pigeon or snail mail.

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