When was the original MW paper posted?

Most sources claim it was in August '16 that Tom Elvis Jedusor posted the original MimbleWimble paper in bitcoin-wizards IRC channel, while a few claim it was July. Anyway, I’ve searched both months in the logs here and found nothing.

I would be grateful for any light shed on the matter.

See the #bitcoin-wizards chat by <majorplayer> on Aug 2, 2016 at https://irclog.whitequark.org/bitcoin-wizards/2016-08-02

Thank you, however I honestly can’t spot it in this chat log. I see mentions of the paper but not the posting itself.

Edit: Asked in the bitcoin-wizards itself and received and answer. It was on the 1st of august at 21:35, have a look here.

How come the name is majorplayer?

Because that was the nickname he chose?

I just realized he called himself Tom Elvis Jedusor only in the paper itself, not the chat channel. Didn’t know that.

Right near the top it says

04:35 hi, i have an idea for improving privacy in bitcoin. my friend who knows technology says this channel would have interest http://5pdcbgndmprm4wud.onion/mimblewimble.txt

Of course that depends on what timezone you use to record IRC…

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