Whatsminer M20s

Can I mine Grim coin with Whatsminer M20s ?

No you cannot, you can certainly mine Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash though!

did’nt you read the description¿

I red that Grin coin can be mined by an Asic miner !

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:… only GRIN specified ASICS not every ASICS, GRIN is mined in graphs, while that miner you R asking about is for the SHA-256 algorithm。可笑しい人

Well, CuckooCycle is a hashcash based algorithm which bitcoin also uses. There’s no way yet to ( I don’t think) to repurpose ASIC’s for other Algorithms/Coins. I mean it wouldn’t be the “worst” idea because a cuckoo hash is a sha-256 hash. At least I remember K=256. If someone found a way to test a sha-256 asic on a cuckoocycle algorithm and find how many gp/s it runs at and if with electricity would it be sensible to mine with them=)

No; Cuckoo Cycle is asymmetric as explained in https://cryptorials.io/beyond-hashcash-proof-work-theres-mining-hashing/

It’s not.

Grin does use a “hashcash with blake2b” difficulty filter on top, but that is quite orthogonal to Cuckoo Cycle.

if it’s so, people would have been doing it but… i have not seen any

Thank you for your clarification, sorry for the misunderstanding. It’s a good thing we can’t now I think about it, but more experienced manufacturers need to commit to ASIC Selling.