What is known about a transaction, based on slate?

Alice creates a slate, and sends it to Bob.

  • Can Alice predict the input commits based on the slate she creates?
  • Can Alice predict the output commits based on the slate she creates?
  • Can Alice predict the kernel excess at this time?

Then, Bob signs the slate and returns it to Alice.

  • Can Bob determine the input commits after processing the slate?
  • Can Bob determine the output commits after processing the slate?
  • Can Bob predict the kernel excess before the slate is finalized?

Alice finalizes the transaction and broadcasts it.

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If she’s the payer, then yes, they’re all hers.

If she’s the payer, then no, that is for Bob to pick.

No, that depends on the former.

Yes, assuming Alice is the payer, she would have added those to the slate.

Yes, Bob adds his output as payee and the slate would already contain Alice’s change output, if any.

Yes, at this point all input and output commitments are known.


What information is then missing from the transaction, which awaits the finalization from Alice?

Alice’s half of the kernel signature

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Is the kernel signature also known as the excess_sig? Here’s an example kernel:


Do I understand correctly that the excess is known by Bob in the scenario above, but the excess_sig is not fully built until Alice finalizes?

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You understood correctly:-)


Very glad that people are discussing this. If/when I get a thumbs up that I’m not doing something completely stupid, I’ll post here links to some ideas that try to improve on who knows what.

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